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We all love adventures.Real adventures. Gabriel Nights; Sins of the Father or Rise of the Dragon are some of the best ever produced adventure games.I’d pity you if you’ve not watched the sequence of Indiana Jones, or Johnny Depp’s ‘Pirates of Caribbean’. If you’ve watched “The Treasure of Sierra Madre, or “The African Queen”, then you know that not prostitution but Treasure hunting is the most ancient professions on earth. Geocaching is the present day treasure hunting. People get to experience real-life hiking and hunting for treasure through Geocaching.

                   “Life is not what it is but how you make it”

Megan Megan
I must be lost.

Gretchen Gretchen
But you are worth no shit.

Megan Megan
In heaven I’ll be worth everythings.

Betty Betty
If at all you won’t rot in hell Megan.

This site was initially established in early 2009 and operated through to early 2012 with the intention of helping people have a chance to visit great places in Nova Scotia and the rest of the world where they would learn and practice Geocaching.
The site is now under recovery where by effort is being made to restore it so that visitors can get the opportunity to once more explore the real-world of treasure hunting.

Megan Megan
Striking it rich, of course for smart people only.

Betty Betty
Nothing is guaranteed in life.

Tyler Tyler
Money rules.

Jessica Jessica
Yeah, money rules. Someone share treasure hunting tricks with me.

Tanya Tanya
You better have a look at some sections on this site.

Betty Betty
You came on earth with nothing and you will leave with nothing. I don’t give a damn about any treasure