nova scotia4 cache advaentureWe all love adventures.Real adventures. Gabriel Nights; Sins of the Father or Rise of the Dragon are some of the best ever produced adventure games.I’d pity you if you’ve not watched the sequence of Indiana Jones, or Johnny Depp’s ‘Pirates of Caribbean’. If you’ve watched “The Treasure of Sierra Madre, or “The African Queen”, then you know that not prostitution but Treasure hunting is the most ancient professions on earth.
Geocaching is the present day treasure hunting. People get to experience real-life hiking and hunting for treasure through Geocaching.

                   “Life is not what it is but how you make it”

Megan Megan
I must be lost.

Gretchen Gretchen
But you are worth no shit.

Megan Megan
In heaven I’ll be worth everythings.

Betty Betty
If at all you won’t rot in hell Megan.

a geocacheThis site was initially established in early 2009 and operated through to early 2012 with the intention of helping people have a chance to visit great places in Nova Scotia and the rest of the world where they would learn and practice Geocaching.
The site is now under recovery where by effort is being made to restore it so that visitors can get the opportunity to once more explore the real-world of treasure hunting.

Megan Megan
Striking it rich, of course for smart people only.

Betty Betty
Nothing is guaranteed in life.

Tyler Tyler
Money rules.

Jessica Jessica
Yeah, money rules. Someone share treasure hunting tricks with me.

Tanya Tanya
You better have a look at some sections on this site.

Betty Betty
You came on earth with nothing and you will leave with nothing. I don’t give a damn about any treasure


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Health Benefits of Geocaching

Geocaching for Weight Loss.

indexWeight loss is currently a big problem pacing millions of people worldwide and an opportunity to lose weight is usually hitched by several people if they believe it will work. This has led to the increase in ‘miracle diets’, nutrition supplements and increased gym exercises and subscriptions.
Well, not everyone can match the huge costs and implications required for these diets or exercise packages.

Geocaching offers a better and cheap solution. Do you know that you can lose weight and keep fit both mentally land physically while having fun? Geocaching is about adventure-filled activities whereby you track the cache using GPS. As you hike and hunt the cache in long and adventurous places and distances, your body becomes active which is absolutely relative to good health naturally. You are typically keeping fit.

The Center for Community Health Development (CCHD) at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health conducted and documented an extensive study which evidence the physical benefits attributed to geocaching. The data conducted and collected from 1000 people aged between 18-77 years across US, analyzed how physical fitness could be achieved from geocaching.

diet gymLeave out all that hype of special ‘miracle diets’ or some fancy exercises or workout attracting some high membership monthly or weekly subscriptions. With geocaching, you just spend a few pennies on GPS and other essential equipments and off you go hiking. This makes your brain active and alert as your get the concentration to track the cache. The idea of being successful in your endeavor is good for brain development which in turn increases your brain alertness and focus. The adventure which is also fun-filled helps release and ease any emotional stress. If you are in the company of family or friends the experience can help foster and solidify love, togetherness and cohesion and thus bringing you closer to each other.

The hiking experience is a great opportunity to loose weight. When you walk moderately for about 2-3 hours as you search for your cache, you get the opportunity to burn around 250-400 calories. This happens naturally and is therefore a greatly recommended technique to loose weight without subjecting you body to horrendous exercise or some ridiculous diets which does not offer any long lasting solutions. The more you hike and the faster you walk, the more calories you burn, thus your become more fit and in good health.
Basically, to loose a kilogram of fat you need to burn around 3500 calories, so doing the basic mathematics, you will get an idea of how much fit you will be at the end of your adventure.

adventure expenditionThe best bit of this strategy, is that the walk is never dull or boring because you do it as an adventure and with a mission at hand. You might even be completely unaware that you are keeping fit since your mind is concentrated in the cache that you are tracking.

Also when you are geocaching you get that rare opportunity to go out, meet new people and socialize. I’d bet that this is absolutely important and beneficial especially in this digital age whereby cable TV, the internet, videogames and Smartphone have completely altered the social behavior of humans resulting to less interactions. With geocaching adventures, you get that chance you’ve always missed.

Geocaching in Nova Scotia.

Geocaching and Outdoor Adventures in Nova Scotia.

nova scotiaNova Scotia has one of the most nostalgic experiences that a person can ever get. The outdoor geocaching adventures on the coastal trail of Nova Scotia will leave you rejuvenated and longing for more. Geocaching can be real fun in Nova Scotia. Whether you’re hunting your geocache on the landscape or seascape or in the woodlands or the urban areas, you will certainly enjoy the rich heritage of what is Nova Scotia. You will find it to be among the perfect places where you can learn geocaching if you are a beginner. If you already are good at geocaching you will certainly live to reckon the experiences of this great place.

The adventure comes in different and unique hiking places for adventure such as the sandy cool beaches offering you an opportunity for long fun-filled adventures backed up by the stunning views of a coastline which is rugged for an electrifying experience which is most suitable for geocaching. If you are hunting for your cache in the waters, the cresting waves will leave you mesmerized and completely rejuvenated. If you are heading to the glacial rocks or have to deep dive, you will certainly get a satisfying experience in this great place.

nova scotia3 nova scotia2Also there are amazing panoramic landscapes of the historic towns of Nova Scotia, which are rich in heritage- culture and therefore offer a rich hiking experience. This means for a geocacher, you will be at a position to not only find fun and pleasure as you track the location of your cache, but an amazing chance to sightsee, learn, take snaps and share this unique experience with friends and family. This typically means that not only will you be geocaching but also having a good vacation or holiday.
Also the quaint fishing villages are another great opportunity for great hiking. They have unique geographical landmarks which suitable for not only geocaching but would be a great adventurous experience for vacationing, sightseeing and learning.
In Nova Scotia, the possibilities of great places or imagination of the most ideal place for geocaching are endless. Actually it would take several weeks of hiking and adventure to travel to just a portion of the opportunities.

Some great places in Nova Scotia include:

Simply put, Halifax has very stunning and mind-blowing scenes and opportunities for geocaching.
nova scotia5If you plan to go geocaching with your family including kids, or you plan with your friends or co-workers or as a couple, you will find this place really satisfying and enjoyable. If you are having the adventure in the city or your geocahing hunt is in the rural, there will be great adventures for you. The rich landscapes are superb for sightseeing and hiking for people of all ages including children. There are minimal cases of insecurity, so you can bring your kids along and let them roam without much worrying of any insecure experience.

After you find your geocache, you might love visiting beautiful places like the Nova Scotia Art Gallery to sightsee or maybe enjoy the clean and fresh air from the nature parks in Halifax Public Gardens or Point Pleasant Park. You may choose to go kayaking, rafting, surfing.

nova scotia4This is also a great scenic place with a rich and diverse experience for geocaching. If you go geocaching in Cape Breton Island you will find a unique showcase of culture filled with merry celebrations, local dance etc.

Mahone Bay is another great town for outdoor water experiences. Whether you want to enjoy kayaking, or sailing or surfing etc you will really have fun.
Other great places in Nova Scotia include Antigonish, Baddeck, Enfield, Margaree Valley, Annapolis Valley, Minas Basin and North Shore

Basic Preparation Guide for Geocaching.

Getting Started for a Geocache Adventure.

cache example
Prior preparation is paramount for success in geocaching. The degree of research and preparation conducted for various caches differ because of the different experiences which abound each particular adventure e.g. hints and clues may determine the angle with which one researches and prepares for a finding a certain cache. One of the basic preparations includes safety precautions to be observed.

Safety Preparation for Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor activity which means that there are some risks Involved. It is therefore vital for you to know the risks involved and due diligence/caution which needs to be exercised so as to mitigate the risks.

Some of the risks include:
cache advaenture location risk1. Geographical risks. Some terrains may be rugged and have cliffs, loose rocks, you may find rivers with no bridges etc
2. Hostility/hospitality of natives in the location.
3. Weather conditions and weather pattern changes in the area.
4. Presence of animal habitants in the location. Some may be hostile and easily provoked.
5. Tropical disease risks. This involves an environment which is prone to disease attacks, poisonous plants etc.

Safety tips to mitigate risks.

weatehrObserve and study the weather patterns and changes. This gives you the upper hand and knowledge of what to expect. You don’t want to be caught in a thunderstorm while on cliffs or bad terrains.

Be vigilant and careful on where you are stepping. If all your attention is on the GPS or map, you may get distracted and end up making the wrong move e.g. stepping on a loose rock which may make you fall.

Provide details of your adventure to your family or friends and also journal your activities each single day you spend in your adventure. This helps incase anything unexpected happens to you.

Carry a first aid kit and basic medications. This helps in the occurrence of an emergency.

Use your instincts. The sixth sense is very vital to forewarn you that something is amiss. You may then decide to change your course of action or revisit a decision or abort the adventure if it is dangerous e.g. if you are not a good rope climber and a cache is hidden on top of a tall tree which may have weakened with time, you won’t risk climbing.

map gpsPack all necessary materials and equipments. These include: GPS, Maps and Compasses.

Pack other personal materials such as flashlights, matchboxes, survival knives, cell phones, water, food, some clothes, maybe a tent etc.

Have prior knowledge of the location. This ranges from the hostility/hospitality of locals to their activities. You don’t want to be an intruder; you need be a guest.

Dress appropriately according to the location and occasion. You may be tempted to dress to your preference but this is not advisable. You dress code should be chosen by factoring the various factors of the region such as weather during the day and at night and should conform with the culture of the locals so as not to insinuate any hidden motive but rather create and foster aura of friendliness.

Know your capabilities and limits. You may be good at hunting or hiking or other outdoor activities but poor at rock climbing. So you must exercises due diligence if the cache you are hunting is on top of a sharp cliff or rock.

Guide to Geocaching

 Understanding and Preparing for a Geocache Expedition.

adventure geocaching with kidsIf you’re a video games monger, you must have played the iconic thrilling adventure game Gabriel Knights; Sins of the Father or Rise of Dragons. You may not be a lover of video games but loves movies. In that case, Indiana Jones collection must have thrilled you or maybe Johnny Depp in the sequence of Pirates of the Caribbean or possibly The Treasure of Sierra Madre or The African Queen which are among the best and most memorable adventure movies to date. Also there are great adventurous books which are a must read. For instance Heart of Darkness, First Among Sequels or Taran Wanderer. If you fall in such category, you know how captivating, adventurous and fun it to locate treasure troves.
Enough of video games and movies or book; hunting for treasures has been one of the most ancient activities practiced by several civilizations since creation and still widely relevant today. Treasure hunting has been practiced for fun, for adventure and even as a cultural rite as Pirates of the Caribbean portray. Many things have changed though. Civilization has eroded much of the practice. That does mean that it is dead though. Treasure hunting is still relevant and much alive today. It has been adapted into a modern variation called Geocaching.

What is Geocaching?

a geocacheGeocaching is a recreational activity involving the search of hidden treasure troves normally referred to as caches or Geocache. The activity involves the use of a GPS (Global Positioning System) where you have to hike and hunt the treasure using the GPS and track down the cache using clues and co-ordinates of the cache location available in a cache listing site website.
Interested in geocaching, time for adventure.

Your first step is to create an account with a web cache listing site. Some of these sites offer free registration while others are premium. You also will notice that there are different caches on the various sites so it’s vital that you visit them for comparison and choose the preferable one.
Basically you want to make choices in relation to region and according to your own personal preferences.
When you settle down for a certain choice, you need to document all material data and info regarding the cache such as hints, terrain characteristics, cache co-ordinates etc.
You then need to equip yourself with the devices needed such as a GPS so that you transfer the co-ordinates to it. You will also need a map of the location and maybe a compass.
If you’ve specific interest in an item in a cache, then you are mandated to leave something else and share the details for the next searcher. So prepare the item to be exchanged. It’s important that the item be something of value or correlate with a specific theme if any is used in the cache.

Preparing for a Geocache Adventure

expenditionYou should then define objectives and goals of your adventure. The main objective will most likely be adventure and fun or you could be undertaking the outdoor activity for the health benefits yielded by the activity.
Whatever your reason might be, you will first need to appraise yourself and ensure you abide and conform to the attributes set out for a specific geocache.
At times, it can be overwhelming for a starter to make up his/her mind or you may also find yourself indecisive on the choice of your next geocache. In that case, below are some basic factors to keep under consideration:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Geocache Adventure.
rugged Ruggedness of a terrain. If this is your first adventure, it is paramount for you to choose a terrain which has minimal difficulty usually of 1 and a terrain rating of 1. This info on By choosing such a location for your first find, you will not only find it interesting and captivating but you will get rolling easily and get to fully understand how the whole activity works. There is also a great chance of success.
• Familiarize yourself with the location. The details of a particular location are very vital in helping a person choose an adventurous and apt location. Among details a person should learn include: human population distribution, type of location (urban or rural), the hospitality of the host people in the location, distances on the location’s map and the actual distance of the location and landmarks or beacons in the location. This makes it easier for one to plan a successful geocache adventure. You may therefore need to undertake a reconnaissance study/survey of the region prior to your scheduled adventure.